Steve Skoll is a Los Angeles based people and portrait photographer.

Lighting and attention to detail informs my work. Care and knowledge go in to the selection of props and wardrobe. Combined with set building or finding the right location. All to create portraits that evoke emotion and engage the viewer. With the goal of creating photographs that entertain and motivate your audience.

In addition to client work, I make time for personal projects. The current one being a series of portraits of Comedians.

My client lists consists of B2B brands, editorial and corporate publications, movie and entertainment studios, in-house corporate design teams, and brand agencies.

I work in a broad range of industries including; video gaming, financial and legal services, social media, tech (both well established and start-ups), education, health & wellness, food and drink, and more.

My still image production process starts well before the shoot actually happens. First things first is understanding the client’s goals and ambitions. Is this a new campaign? Are we reinforcing established values? Introducing new products, executives and staff? All this helps produce content that aligns with client objectives. This upfront investment of time is critical to ensure that the images produced matches up with the client’s strategy and their need for new content.

The best photo shoots are the culmination of conversations and well thought out pre-production. With success dependent on how well I understand and integrate the clients goals and objectives into the final images. The pre-production process ensures that by the time we are on-set capturing images - most of the hard work is behind us and it is now time to create!

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